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Mizuno Lone Star Classic

Team Registration - On-site Team Check-In

On-site Team Check-In

Below you'll find information about:

- On-Site Times & Locations - Check-In Procedures - Roster Violations - How To Download

On-Site Team Check-In

*Times & locations subject to change

Weekend One: Room D227
Friday, April 12: 6pm - 8 pm 
Saturday, April 13: 7am - 9:30am & 1:30pm - 4pm

Weekend Two: Room D227
Thursday, April 18: 5pm - 8 pm 
Friday, April 19: 7am - 1
0am & 1:30pm - 4pm

Check-in procedures

- All teams are required to check-in before their first match
- Teams must turn in a signed copy of the AES roster (not USAV Webpoint roster).
- We highly recommend you keep a second copy of your roster on hand at all times.
- All USAV #s must be verified (players and coaches)
- All coaches must be IMPACT certified or they will not be allowed to sit on the bench

Please note the contact information on the roster turned in will be used for any emergency updates during the event.

Roster Violation

While the Lone Star Classic is held over multiple weekends it is considered a single national qualifier event by USAV. This means that players cannot play on two different teams over the different weekends. This would constitute a player playing on two different teams in the same tournament, which is prohibited. If a player is listed on a roster during weekend one (1) regardless of participation, they may not be listed on a roster with any team on weekend two (2).

If it is discovered that a player who was on a roster during weekend one (1) is listed on a roster for weekend two (2), the following actions will be taken:
  • If discovered before the team plays their first match, the ineligible player must be removed from the roster immediately, and then the team will be allowed to participate.
  • If participation in a set by an ineligible player cannot be determined or proven, no sets or matches would be forfeited, but the ineligible player will be removed from the roster immediately. The team would still be allowed to continue play. 
  • If discovered after a team has played their first match, it needs to be determined if the ineligible player participated in any matches played prior to the point of notification. The score sheets for those matches will be checked. If there was participation by an ineligible player, all matches that the ineligible player participated in, must be forfeited, and the ineligible player will be removed from the roster immediately. The team would still be allowed to continue play. Any participation in a match, even just playing in one rotation for set one, results in the entire match being forfeited.

Directions on how to download and print your roster:

  1. Login to Advanced Event Systems with a Club Director user profile.
  2. Under the "Club Director" tab in the top left corner, click "Clubs."
  3. From the "quick links" options at the top, choose "Teams"
  4. Find the necessary team and click on the team name. 
  5. From the list of events click the 'print' link (far right) located next to the tournament the team is attending. Be sure you are are printing the correct team for the correct event.
  6. Double check the roster is correct. If so, print that roster and bring a signed copy to team check-in.
  7. Repeat these steps for all teams participating in the tournament