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Lone Star Classic

adidas Lone Star Classic Overview - Tournament Updates

Tournament Updates

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UPDATE - August 17, 2021 GJNC Overview

2022 Growth Plan Add 2 divisions to GJNC with Liberty & Freedom.

Liberty Division– will be a Qualifier only division with 2 bids each if the threshold minimum #s are met by the Qualifier.

Freedom Division – will be a Region only division with 1-2 bids awarded depending on Region size same as the National Division.

**Note: we will also be adding the USA division to 12s in 2022 – 24 teams, 2 bids available if threshold minimum #s are met.We will increase the 13 USA division to 36 teams so 3 bids will now be available if threshold minimum #s are met.**

The Division order of strength will be as follows:

Open (13-18s) – Qualifiers only.

National (11-18s) – Regions only. (11s & 12s will have 1 bid at Qualifiers)

USA (12-18s) – Qualifiers only.

Liberty (13-18s) – Qualifiers only.

American (12-18s) – Qualifiers & Regions.

Freedom (14-18s) – Regions only.

Patriot (13-18s) – non qualifying.


With the potential split:

11-13s – 4 day event, numbers of teams will increase from 320 to 428 teams.  14 – 17s – 9 day event (4 days 14-15s, dead day, 4 days 16-17s), number of teams will increase from 1000 to 1216 teams.


In 2022 it will be a 12 Day event in Indianapolis, Day 1-4 -11-13s, Day 5-8 -14s & 15s, Day 9-12 – 16s & 17s.

*18s – will remain a stand alone 3 day event at the end of April/beginning of May, number of teams will increase from 272 to 352 teams.

UPDATE - April 2, 2021 at 6:45pm

We have been in communication with the city of Dallas and the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas staff regarding questions raised about security at the facility. Please understand that not all details of the protective shelter and security plans can be shared due to the sensitive nature of these individual children. However, we can share with you that there will be additional security measures and processes established during the adidas Lone Star Classic National Qualifier.

Please read the plan for increased security at the KBHCC >>


UPDATE - March 24, 2021 at 3:45pm

The 2021 adidas Lone Star Classic National Qualifier would like to thank you for your patience as we learned more about the current situation at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas (KBHCCD). Our goals are to ensure the safety of our participants and to put on a positive event for the athletes, and we are confident that we can accomplish both this year. Please read these FAQs provided by the KBHCCD that should address any concerns you have.

Click here to read FAQs >>

UPDATE - March 24, 2021

We are excited to announce that the spectator limit for the Lone Star Classic has increased to 2 spectators per player at all venues. 

UPDATE - March 19, 2021

We are aware that Hall F of the Dallas Convention Center is being used as a temporary shelter for migrant children. We have been in communication with the DCC since Tuesday to learn more information about the situation and to determine what impact, if any, this situation will have on the 2021 adidas Lone Star Classic National Qualifier.

This process has taken longer than we expected and we hope to have definitive answers by early next week.

Until then, we hear your concern and need for more information and we appreciate your patience as we navigate this. As always, we are determined to host a safe event for our teams and look forward to this year's event.

UPDATE - March 11, 2021

The Lone Star Classic will be visiting the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX this year. The following Weekend 3 (April 16-18) divisions have been moved to Houston: 15 Club, 15 Select, 16 American, 16 Club, 16 Select, and 17 American.

EM2 Housing will follow up with more information regarding hotel blocks for divisions that are being moved to Houston. The AES booking fee will be comped for teams that are being relocated to Houston since that fee has already been paid. Teams that are local to Houston and have paid the AES booking fee will be refunded that fee.

Stay to Play requirements are still in effect, even with cities changing. EM2 Housing will open Houston blocks for LSC Weekend #3 on Wednesday, March 17th at 9am CST. Please wait until housing opens March 17th to contact EM2 regarding your booking. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding the scale of moving an event of this size.

On March 17th, club travel coordinators may book online for LSC Weekend #3 using this link. Booking through the link is strongly encouraged and directs you to the page for booking rooms for LSC Weekend #3. A reminder, that housing will not open until March 17th at 9am CST.

For further assistance, please reach out to EM2 via email [email protected], or by phone at 1-800-603-0917.

UPDATE – MARCH 10, 2021

We are aware of the Governor's announcement regarding the latest Open Texas policies and procedures. The last 4 months we have implemented measures to ensure safety of all participants while COVID-19 continues to impact all of us.

Our events are often held at rented facilities that have their own rules and policies. For consistency across all venues, we will continue to require masks at all times. Local tournament venues will continue to have spectator limitations. For convention center events, we are operating under the requirements set forth from those venues. Masks will still be required at all times and we are awaiting further direction from each convention center venue regarding spectator limitations. Our events staff will send updates as they become available.

While we recognize that some individuals may not agree with this policy, we will continue to implement safety measures of requiring masks at all times for our events.


Visit this page frequently for any updates we have in the upcoming days. You can also see all announcements on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


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