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Lone Star Classic

Hotels - Instructions for Booking a Room

Instructions for Booking a Room

Club Directors, Family and Spectators: Instructions for Booking a Hotel
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To reserve a room for the Lone Star Classic, please select the appropriate event under AES Hotels.


After you click on a Lone Star Classic link in AES, a list of hotels will appear with a reference to the average nightly rate, address, distance and breakfast.  You can use filters on the page to help narrow your search, as well as view the hotel details to learn more about its amenities and parking. Check out real-time room availability by clicking "Room Availability".


Once you have chosen a hotel, click Book Now.  This page will contain an overview of the hotel and the cancellation policy. You are responsible for understanding and complying with all deadlines and policies. then proceed with the following steps to reserve a room or rooms:

  • A list of the available room nights and rates will be listed. 
  • Fill in each drop down menu with the desired room type, dates, and quantity and click add rooms.  The rooms will then appear to the right of your selection.
  • Repeat if you need multiple room types or sets of dates.
  • When finished click the "continue reservation" button.

*The next step will start a 5-minute timer that will hold your room selection(s). Please have your credit card ready to ensure you complete your reservation within this time limit as you will be required to start over if you do not.

  • Fill in all required fields (marked by *).
  • The credit card entered will hold the reservation for all rooms reserved in the block. If you would like to put different rooms on different cards, you will specify this in the next rooming list section. However, at least one credit card is required to hold the reservation, whether individual or block and will need to be entered here before proceeding. 
  • Select your role type from the drop menu.
  • Type in your club name to view matches and select one.
  • A list of teams from your club will appear.  Select all teams that will be booking with the reservation.
  • Review reservation details.
  • Select the check box. 
  • Once you hit "I Agree" it will complete the reservation. 

There will be a summary page, which you can print. This information is also sent to you in an email.

  • At the top of the page will be your reservation number. Be sure to make note of this number. You will be asked to provide this number for any inquiries regarding the reservation.
  • If you wish to start another reservation, you can do so by selecting "Make New Reservation" and you will be directed back to the list of hotels. 

If you have your team's rooming list ready, you can go ahead and fill individual rooms by selecting "Build Rooming List." A screen will appear where you can select "Rooming List" in red text at the top of the page.

  • Click on an available Room Number.
  • Select the team associated with the room.
  • Enter the information for the Main Contact in the room.
  • If you wish to hold the room on a different card, enter that information here. 
  • Enter the first and last names for the guests as well as the guest type.
  • When you are finished making your rooming list assignments, click the "Update" button. If dates or room type needs to be changed, please contact EM2 Housing at [email protected] or 1-800-603-0917.